KOMODO DRAGON Varanus komodoensi
This site may harm your computer. Komodo dragons are mostly ambush predators, although they can run at 20 mph. In their natural habitat they are at the top of the food chain and can take
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10 Mar 2010 Hungry for power – and food – Komodo dragons dominate the Indonesian wedge of the food chain , thus leading to their “island gigantism.
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23 Jun 2010 A Komodo dragon patrols the beaches of Komodo Island, Indonesia. is at the top of the food chain in its habitat [source: Honolulu Zoo].
Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis)
The komodo dragon's predatory abilities and the bacteria put the dragon high on the food chain . It can acquire it's food on its own, or can have help from
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Komodo dragon is a unique species of land lizard living in the islands of Indonesia. This species of dragon lies at the top of a complex food chain ,
I found out that Komodo Dragons are on the top of of the reptile food chain . They are dangerous reptiles that can kill anything. So if you are in Indonesia
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27 Jun 2010 Adult Komodo dragons are at the top of their food chain and do not have any predators. Juveniles often fall prey to adults, larger mammals,
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Komodo dragons are at the top of any food chain because they're poison makes them a deadly dish for other creatures. You might be able.
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Komodo dragons are, in fact, higher up on the food chain than you, and are not to be messed with. These lizards can run as fast as most dogs, climb trees,
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Adult komodo dragons are at the top of their food chain and have no predators What does predators mean? . Eggs are sometimes eaten by feral dogs and pigs.
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19 Sep 2009 Life size sculpture of Komodo Dragon at Woodland Park Zoo in .... Being at the top of the island food chain , the Komodo at this point has
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Komodo dragons are at the top of the food chain and therefore have no enemies as a dults. Feral dogs and pigs sometimes dig up and eat Komodo dragon eggs,
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27 Jun 2008 The Komodo dragon's salvia contains 50 different types of bacteria and 7 that are fatal. The Komodo dragon is at the top of its food chain
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14 Jun 2007 At one time Komodo dragons hunted food on four different Indonesian ITs great. u need a picture and info for the food chain :):P :D
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewchain. The network of food chains within an area are connected to form food webs . ..... The Web of Life/Grade 4. Photo of a Komodo. The Komodo dragon , which