The risk to the American fast - food industry of obesity litigation
Thus, plaintiffs pursuing obesity cases against fast food are likely left to of future obesity litigation if courts can be convinced that fast food is
The Super-sizing of America: Are Fast Food Chains to Blame for the
Will these insane fast food lawsuits ever end? Not a chance. .... of four cases filed against McDonald's and other fast food chains over the obesity issue.
Trial Lawyers Inc. 2003
The connection between obesity and fast food spurred a McDonald's lawsuit and Lawyers revise obesity lawsuit against McDonald's. CNN Law Center. - Lawyers revise obesity lawsuit against McDonald's - Feb
(3) Recent examples include lawsuits against various fast - food chains, the founders of the (5) This case set the stage for obesity -related lawsuits .
Prof. John Banzhaf: Using Legal Action Against Obesity
Information, views, and links about using legal action as a weapon against the problem of obesity , and especially about suing fast food companies like
BBC NEWS | Americas | McDonald's targeted in obesity lawsuit
I fully agree with the house lawmakers on this one. We are more than free to choose what and where we eat. Futhermore, fast food restaurants are there.
English 1022 Online--Spring 2010: Lawsuits Against Fast - Food
22 Nov 2002 The US fast food industry and health campaigners are watching closely a lawsuit filed on behalf of several obese teenagers who claim the
Fast Food Lawsuits Break All the Rules
19 Oct 2005 House Votes to Ban ' Obesity Lawsuits ' Against Fast Food Industry, House lawmakers on Wednesday passed a bill banning obesity -related
Product Liability Litigation Against the Food Industry
11 Mar 2004 The new information on the dangers of obesity should have no impact on the ridiculous lawsuits being filed against the fast food giants.
Obesity Litigation -- The Next "Tobacco"?
10 Mar 2004 House moves to ban obesity lawsuits blaming fast food their actions just so they can profit from frivolous lawsuits against restaurants.
House Bans Obesity Lawsuits Against Fast Food Industry | In The News
7 Feb 2010 Within the article “ Lawsuits against Fast - Food Restaurants Are an Effective Way to Combat Obesity ” by John H. Banzhaf III,
National Restaurant Association leads fight against obesity
He points to a Gallup poll from 2003 showing that 89 percent of people say they do not support obesity lawsuits against fast - food companies. Are Fast Food Lawsuits Likely to Be the Next 'Big Tobacco'?
Fast Food Lawsuits Break All the Rules Someone has finally published a competent Standing on Solid Ground Against Obesity Posted On: Monday 6/7/2010
Fast Food Lawyers and Lawsuit
21 Feb 2003 Lawyers revise obesity lawsuit against McDonald's the first of its kind against a fast - food chain to make its way into a U.S. courtroom.
SSRN-Combating Obesity in the Courts: Will Lawsuits Against
25 Jan 2005 Fast Food Obesity Lawsuit Threatens Consumers, Rule of Law reinstatement of the obesity liability lawsuit against McDonald's resurrects “If obesity lawsuits succeed, they will turn all Americans into 'victims,'