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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewWhile FDA has tried to incorporate some of the philosophy of NLEA to permit health claims for pet foods , we believe that DSHEA was not intended by Congress
Recall Information - Menu Foods Income Fund - Annual General Meeting
The FDA's CVM works in partnership with AAFCO to determine safe pet food .... A pet food can claim to be "light" or "lean" only if it meets AAFCO's standard
FDA Confirms Probe of NUTRO Pet Food Deaths, Illnesses
26 Sep 2007 The Master List of All Brands of Recalled Pet Food Summary (Includes new Ol' Roy Salmonella Recall, FDA Contact Info) Updated 6-6 2pm (7
FDA Long History of Ignoring Federal Law
For information on these additional pet food recalls please go to www. fda .gov. Claims Information. Menu Foods Announces That Settlement Agreement in Pet
Pet Connection Blog » 2007 food recall
21 Apr 2009 FDA Investigates Nutro Pet Food . Horst Hoefinger. Comments (28) .... or whatever dog food people claim to be excellent…not for the price no…
Pet Food Health Claims
Jailed for illegal claims , pet food peddler alleges FDA 'vendetta' from San Diego Business Journal provided by Find Articles at BNET.
Chinese firm disputes FDA claims in poisoned pet food - Apr. 3, 2007
Both the FDA and FTC have authority over labeling and advertising claims . In addition to the states, FDA regulates pet food ingredients and finished
FDA Confirms Probe of NUTRO Pet Food Deaths on The Cat's Meow
3 Apr 2007 The Chinese company accused by a US government agency of supplying hazardous materials found in recalled pet food shot back Tuesday,
Pet Food Tracker: FDA Warns Dog Owners on Chicken Treats
5 Apr 2007 The FDA , which is in charge of regulating pet food , claims the standards are as stringent as those for human food.
Pet Food : Keeping Pet Food Fresh, Irradiation
21 Apr 2009 Note that a recall has not yet been issued, but the FDA is investigating claims . FDA Confirms Probe of NUTRO Pet Food Deaths, Illnesses
FDA Investigates Nutro Pet Food
4 Dec 2009 FDA also reviews specific claims on pet food , such as “maintains health of urinary tract,” “low magnesium,” “reduces plaque and tartar,”
Melamine contaminated Pet Foods - 2007 Recall List
Erema Claims FDA Approves its Vacurema Recycled PET Plastics for Food Packaging. 4/26/2010. Company says that the U.S. FDA extends applications for its
Regulation - Pet Food Institute - The Voice of the Pet Food Industry
13 Aug 2008 FDA Refuses to Regulate "Natural" Claim on Food Packaging master raw foods chef • Cigarettes, Lies, and Pet Food Advertising
Unraveling the Pet - Food Mystery - TIME
The AVMA recognizes that the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) uses enforcement discretion in the oversight of certain pet food claims .
Pet Food
More worrying are claims reported in China that there are now new chemicals ..... According to the FDA , the FDA's "regulation of pet food is similar to that