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14 Nov 2007 Now it's time to add the color. Add the food coloring into each container. I usually use Kool Aid and regular wool . LOL! I love to dye .
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Spice up your plain white rovings with food color dyes . can choose to pain the entire roving or to leave some areas in the natural color of the wool .
Dye wool yarn with food coloring - DIY Life
How to Dye Wool or Yarn with Kool-Aid or Food Coloring . This method works with any protein fiber ( wool , angora, cashmere, mohair, silk) and acid dye .
Pea Soup: How to dye yarn with food colouring (and small children)
How to Dye Wool With Wilton Food Coloring . Dyeing protein fibers, such as wool , can be accomplished with standard, food-grade food coloring .
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Kool-aid is a safe, easy and fun way to dye wool yarn. or supplement with the kind of food coloring you can buy in the spice section at the market.
Dyeing Yarn Using Food Coloring
Food Coloring Dye A lot of unconventional dyes , typically used as food colorings , can quite effectively dye protein based fibers such as wool , alpaca,
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(If it's wool blend, only the wool parts would take the color.) Once you heat the dye , it sets it into the wool . You might want to try food color instead of
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Food color drops, and Wilton's paste are also used for dyeing wool , So for about $3 to $5 you can dye more wool , and have a much better variety of
Confessions of a Fabric Addict: How to Dye Felted Wool With Food
11 May 2008 A lot of people use unsweetened Kool-aid or other sources of food coloring to dye wool yarn, with very good results.
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23 Jul 2008 You'll need a box of food colors, a microwave-safe bowl, the child(ren), wool yarn, and vinegar, which helps set the dye .
Neauveau Fiber Arts - How to Dye Wool and Yarn with Kool Aid
20 Jan 2008 How to dye yarn safely, with small people. You will need: white, cream or light coloured wool yarn white vinegar food colouring
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You can use soft drink mixes, food colors, and egg dyes to dye wool ! or powder of Easter Egg dye per ounce of fiber. This gives a nice saturated color .
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2 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 8 Junso i went to asda and got the only food coloring they stock which is the natural stuff. follow the instuctions in the sticky. but ...
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Use caution when deciding to dye your dog since the food coloring dye is How to Dye a White Sheet Red With Food Coloring · How to Dye Wool With Wilton
Dyeing Protein Fibers with Food Grade Dyes
4 Oct 2005 dyeing wool with food colouring. Using Food Coloring as a Fiber Dye . I'm always looking for a cheaper or easier way of doing something,