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14 Apr 2010 Organic agriculture and food processing is a relatively small but rapidly growing segment of Oregon's total agriculture industry.
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Foods from Oregon . Find information about foods grown or manufactured in the state of Oregon . Northwest Gift Baskets @ Northwest Regional Foods @
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When you buy food grown close to home, you cast a vote in favor of local, sustainable agriculture IFFP began as a collaboration with Oregon Food Bank,
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While buying organic food is a healthy choice for you and the environment, buying from smaller, local farms is equally important for many reasons.
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D.A.M. Salsa is now available at all Whole Foods stores in Oregon and now in What you will find are locally or regionally grown organic and natural
Oregon : Gorge Grown Food Network seeks AmeriCorps Member
Our LADYBUG line offers the tastiest regionally grown organic foods for our The governor just proclaimed Organically Grown in Oregon WEEK shall run from
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Their primary growing regions are found in the Willamette and Yamhill valleys. Did you know that most food donations for the Oregon Food Bank come from
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2 Mar 2010 The protected districts are regions where specialty seed and brassica vegetable crops are grown (Willamette Valley, Central Oregon ,
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To be sure, the "local" food industry represents just a spit in the ocean of Oregon's $3.8 billion agricultural economy. Most food grown in Oregon gets
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Gorge Grown Food Network supports sustainable food farming and We serve 5 Gorge counties in Oregon and Washington: Hood River, Wasco, Sherman,
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The program has been enormously popular and has resulted in more kids eating more Oregon grown foods ! Portland Public Schools already purchases many locally
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15 Apr 2009 Would hazelnuts continue to be grown in Oregon if most or all had to By offering a quality, fresh, locally- grown food product either at
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Kids can join an in-store scavenger hunt to find Oregon - grown organic foods in the aisles. Pick-up a list of organic treasures to hunt for at the Solutions
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21 May 2010 Oregon : Gorge Grown Food Network seeks AmeriCorps Member. May 21, 2010 by Sustainable Food Jobs. This AmeriCorps position will be focused on
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Find it on our Eatwild Oregon map or browse the alphabetical list below. ..... Food Grown with Integrity. Fresh Start Farms, Kathi Miller, 63530 Johnson