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Guinea pigs make great pets. They are cute, furry, easily trained and can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. They are also perfe...,
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Part of good pot belly pig care is proper diet. Feed your pig at least twice Please do not feed your pet pig "people food " or you will end up with a fat
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Farm pigs are also fed greens and dried food made from meat, and some vitamins and minerals. On organic farms, pigs eat plants that have not been sprayed
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8 Apr 2010 Your guinea pigs will not be healthy eating chinchilla food . DO NOT FEED THEM CHINCHILLA FOOD ! It doesnt have the vitamin c that they
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewPotbellied pigs are not being fattened up for slaughter, so they can't be fed anything and everything, as farm hogs typically are. Certain foods and
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Families fattened their pigs primarily on food scraps, and when winter Very short growing seasons do not provide sufficient feed to maintain them;
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One pretzel will not hurt your pig. One potato chip will not hurt your pig. If your pig gets into turkey or chicken food ...THAT WILL hurt your pig as the
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Links to nutrient requirements and advice on what NOT to feed . Dot Pellets -- Is your pellet a quality pellet? Dot Food Charts -- Vitamin C, Calcium,
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17 Mar 2010 Guinea pigs should not be fed Lucerne (alfalfa) or Clover hays as they The following foods should not be offered to guinea pigs : cereals
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Foods to NEVER feed your Guinea Pig, EVER! what not to feed your guinea pig, no matter how good it may taste to you. While guinea pigs do enjoy a variety of
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12 Aug 2007 are guinea pigs able to eat dog food ? i dont NEED to feed it to my guinea right now but i heard hamsters like it. i have not fed it to my
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25 Apr 2007 It was not immediately clear if any of the hogs entered the food supply pork that may have come from pigs fed food containing melamine.
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Jump to What foods shouldn't I feed ?‎: If your rabbit is not fed on an adequate diet, signs of The guinea pig will be lethargic and weak.
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Lettuce - DO NOT feed iceberg lettuce as it is high in nitrates, little nutritional value, Learn what foods that guinea pigs should NEVER be fed :
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NO foods with seeds, and do not feed guinea pigs celery unless you remove all the strings - it can be a choking hazard. * DO NOT keep females with