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22 Jun 2010 Deer are the favorite food of the mountain lion . If there is an easy food source , there's little reason for a predatory animal to move out."
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19 Dec 1996 Mountain lions may, however, come to prey on raccoons and opossums that feed on food left out by humans, when deer are not available.
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Mountain Lion Facts Deer are their primary food sources, and the presence of deer indicates likely presence of cougars.
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While scavenging for food mountain lion will occasionally kill smaller predators such as bobcat with no intention of consuming them (Harrison 1990). | Mountain lion found and killed near Prescott
You can avoid them, too, by not hiking alone, or at dusk and dawn when mountain lions are hunting. Make noise as you hike, and don't leave food out around a
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The favorite food of a mountain lion is deer. And in the hills of Oakland, there are plenty of deer. The lions of Redwood have also been known on occasion
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The status of the mountain lion in Colorado evolved from that of varmint Size of the home range depends on the terrain and how much food is available.
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In general, the mountain lion's food habits are of neutral or beneficial character. The high percentage of predation on deer probably is beneficial from a
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Food Habits: The mountain lion is essentially a carnivore. It mostly eats moose, wapiti, white-tailed deer, and caribou. It will also eat smaller creatures
15 Feb 2008 Local populations may fluctuate in response to changes in prey populations, particularly deer, their primary food source. The mountain lion
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The main food of the mountain lion is the white tailed and mule deer. When stalking and attacking its prey, the mountain lion makes good use of its jumping
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Mountain Lions are true carnivores, feeding only on other animals. The preferred food of the Mountain Lion is mule deer, or occasionally a bighorn sheep,
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22 Feb 2007 While deer is their preferred food throughout their range, Mountain Lions also feed on mice, ground squirrels, rabbits, skunks, porcupines,
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12 Feb 2010 I moved on rather than crash into the brush to examine what might be the mountain lion's food cache. Perhaps Tiger had heard something last
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14 Dec 2009 Food : Mountain lions are carnivorous, meaning that they only eat meat. They prey on most other animals in their habitat, including pronghorn