The Oil-for-Food Scandal – the Canadian Connection
Information on the 1995-2003 Oil for Food programme and the results of inquiries into allegations of mismanagement.
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We aren't going to hear much about the corporations that paid bribes in the Oil- for-Food scandal because Bush's family, friends and closest advisors are in
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The oil for food scandal involves allegations that U.N. officials benefited from Saddam Hussein's corruption of the U.N.'s relief effort,
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28 Apr 2003 scandal , UN Secretary General Kofi-Annan-led oil-for-food program, the UN News Service was churning out, we-support-Kofi press releases,
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The U.N. oil-for-food corruption scandal only continues to grow in scope. Today, Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., who is leading the congressional investigation
One of the next big chapters in the United Nations oil-for-food scandal will involve the family of the secretary-general, Kofi Annan, whose son turns out to
The Iraq Oil-for-food Scandal
23 Jan 2006 Revelations say that United Nations contracts were inflated by $8m (£4.5m) to recover a debt the previous Iraqi regime owed the
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28 Oct 2005 The UN Security Council started the Oil-for-Food program in 1996 to allow Iraq to sell enough oil to pay for food and other necessities for
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The Oil-for-Food scandal underlines the need for fundamental reform of the United Nations.16 The investigation into the Oil-for-Food fraud should prompt
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And that is precisely why so many people, on both sides of the global debate, weigh in strongly on the Oil-for-Food scandal .
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The Oil for Food scandal yields its first conviction. by CLAUDIA ROSETT Thursday , July 20, 2006 12:01 A.M. EDT. While the United Nations frames its next Good Intentions Corrupted: The Oil for Food Scandal
22 Oct 2005 Melanie Feisst on the charges that threaten to ruin the reputation of the UN and major business partners.
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The involvement of the UN itself in the scandal began in February 2004 after the name of Benon Sevan, executive director of the Oil-for-Food Programme,
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History Politics and Society question: What is the oil for food scandal ? It was intended to allow Iraq to sell oil through an escrow system in exchange for
Iraq and the Importance of the U.N.'s Oil-for-Food Scandal
7 Dec 2009 Delegates to the climate change conference in Copenhagen should remember the dread words “ Oil-for-Food ”.