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Food : Seminole men were good hunters. Fish were speared from canoes. women cooked the food , and made food for the entire village. Everyone ate together.
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21 Sep 2009 I actually ate @ Main Street City Grille today for lunch. people with no culinary knowledge what so ever trying to critique food .
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College Papers on seminoles . Free sample papers on World History, The environment determined what food they ate , what clothing they could wear,
the seminoles ate many kinds of fruits such as bannas,oranges,pineapples,and cocnuts.for food they ate corn,squash,beans,soups,stews,deer,wild turkeys
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20 posts - 9 authors - Last post: 9 JanAs for leastl they don't sweep around the buffet while there is food on it which they did while I ate at Seminole Winds.
Such foods as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, melons, rice, and corn were farmed by the Seminoles . They ate a variety of meats too. The Seminoles were skilled
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1 Dec 2006 The Seminole hunted and ate exciting food . The Seminole were farming people. The women did most of the farming. Seminole women harvested
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were around the cooking fire for much of the day and ate periodically. Today , with the exceptions of sofki and fry bread, traditional foods are usually reserved The Seminoles have produced many distinct styles of silver jewelry.
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Seminole Indians ate : corn, beans, squash, cornbread, soups, stews, fish, catching game such as wild How did the seminole indians get their food ?
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Answer from the Seminole Web site:"What was Seminole food like in the days They ate all kinds of animals , fish & some roots. What Do Indians Eat?
Openings: Ella's in Seminole Heights, Main Street Grill in Citrus Park
21 Nov 2008 Food they ate in "A Land Remembered?"? Coontie (from the Seminole kunti) is a cycad (Zamia floridana) that has underground parts that
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1 Dec 2009 Like I said before, this joint is located in the Seminole Casino…the food is good and it's all you can eat. The buffet has a great selection
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All of the Seminole women cooked food for the men and children Women were the They did not eat three meals a day; they ate when they were hungry.
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22 Apr 2010 CL's semi-extensive guide to the best dining options in Seminole Heights. Simple breakfast food that will stick to your ribs,
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The Seminole ate lots of food . They ate fish, deer and vegetables. Also the Seminoles ate cattle. They even had coffee. The tribe cooked in a huge fire pit.