Melamine contaminated Pet Foods - 2007 Recall List
10 Jun 2010 Finally they recall Iams wonderful pet food for cat and kittens that animal advocates should never used, as Iams is a product of Proctor
Proctor and Gamble Recalls Iams Pet Foods - Cat and Kitten Food
9 Jun 2010 This recall is limited to only Iams canned cat food distributed in North America . No other Iams pet food is involved.
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9 Jun 2010 Iams is recalling Iams ProActive Health canned Cat and Kitten Food due to low levels of thiamine.
Pet food recall affects 90 brands -
10 Jun 2010 The Proctor and Gamble cat food recall for Iams pet food involves low levels of thiamine in specific lots of canned cat and kitten food.
Procter & Gamble Company recalls specific lots of Iams canned cat food
12 Jun 2010 The importance of feeding a kitten or cat what is needed to remain healthy has come into view recently when Iams had to recall some pet food
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by PW Calendar - Related articles9 Jun 2010 This recall is limited to only Iams canned cat food in North America. No other Iams pet food is involved. Iams Veterinary Formula cat is NOT
Iams Recalls ProActive Health Cat & Kitten Food - Connecticut Pets
Iams canned cat food recall · Pet Food — posted by mary anna gentleman on June, Procter & Gamble issued a recall for some of its Iams canned cat food
IAMS Pet Food Recalled
9 Jun 2010 IAMS Pet Food Recalled . Thiamine Deficiency to Blame. (Animal Radio® Newsroom June 14, 2010) A voluntary recall of Iams cat food was
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11 Jun 2010 Iams cat food recall The Procter & Gamble Co. is recalling some lots of Pet Lover said... My dog DIED from the food recall 3 years ago!
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Iams pet food , which is owned and operated by the Proctor and Gamble Company, has issued a voluntary recall of some canned cat foods as a precauti...,
Procter & Gamble Announces Iams Cat Food Recall - Pets and Vets
9 Jun 2010 Proctor & Gamble announced a recall of all varieties of Iams ProActive Health canned Cat and Kitten Food in 3 oz and 5.5 oz cans,
Iams pet food recall : Cat food recall for Vitamin B1 deficiency
Iams : A Recipe for Cruelty A nine-month investigation into the pet food giant reveals dogs and cats fed a steady diet of loneliness, suffering, and neglect
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14 Jun 2010 IAMS Recalls Canned Cat Food . Read the latest pet news and reviews on .
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11 Jun 2010 Pet Health Alert: Iams Announces Voluntary Recall of Cat and Kitten Food . Cat eating. On June 9, Procter & Gamble announced that it is
P&G Recalls Specific Canned Cat Foods
After the Iams , Nutro and Menu Food "Cuts and Gravy" brands of pet food were recalled from the shelves of stores such as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Safeway,