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Lead poisoning and chocolate toxicity are discussed among other substances Dogs do get Salmonella and other food poisonings, so that is possible, too. control the effects of the poisoning , especially seizure control medications,
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15 Nov 2009 Episodes of food poisoning may have serious long-term Doctors Say Foodborne Illness Might Cause Long-Term Problems Such as Seizures
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Campylobacter food poisoning ... febrile convulsions; Celiac Disease ... Seizures ; Cocaine ... seizures ; Concussion ... epilepsy
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4 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 24 Dec 2009Now, in m forties, whenever I have a fever from flu or food poisoning or whatever, I have a seizure . I'm wondering if these fever-related
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In addition to the familiar symptoms of food poisoning , up to 40% of children with severe infections show neurological symptoms. These include seizures
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Food Poisoning from Marine Toxins. Vernon E. Ansdell .... and permanent short- term memory loss. In severe cases, seizures , paralysis, and death may occur.
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by K Waller - 1992 - Cited by 5 - Related articlesWe identified and interviewed 5 persons with new-onset seizures within 12 Pesticide food poisoning from contaminated watermelons in California, 1985.
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Epileptic seizures are self-limited; the signs usually appear in a certain .... Food poisoning is common, as dogs are notorious scavengers and come into
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24 Jun 2009 Lead, Chemicals, Additives and Poisoning . Toxic metals such as lead, copper, mercury, and aluminum have also been known to cause seizures .
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1 Feb 2010 Animal studies discussed have shown that the toxin causes seizures and vomiting. The toxin is also linked to a type of food poisoning called
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Convulsions and seizures may also occur due to environmental poisoning or food poisoning , low levels of sugar or calcium in the blood, accumulation of
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The toxins accumulate in shellfish or are passed up the food chain as smaller fish are .... In severe poisoning , seizures , paralysis and death may occur.