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Introduction to Chinese medicine particularly food therpay and herbal therapy.
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Disc 11: Energy Soup, with Mary Moore, and CHI Staff Exercise Class (#18). Disc 12: Lightly Fermented Foods , with Mary Moore (#20). Disc 13: Food Combining
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FREE E-zine on chinese medicine , acupressure, chi kung for holistic health improvement Chinese Herbal Food - Simple Chinese Recipes for Health
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Chi Gong &Tai Chi bullet Chinese Medicine Basics .... To remedy fatigue caused by Qi Deficiency eat foods that tonify Qi and increase energy .... Raw fruits and vegetables, cold foods , caffeine, purgative herbs and medicines and alcohol
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29 Mar 2007 Foods and herbs that possess special Chi -fortifying properties include: brown rice, carrots, chicken, china root, eggs, fish, fox nut,
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Herbs , nutrition & home remedies: these practices in alternative medicine & simple remedies are essential to traditional qigong health maintenance.
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Wild vegetables and herbs . • Locally grown fruits (moderately). difference in progress between T'ai Chi students that also follow the Ch'ang Ming Diet
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Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies foods by their energetic values rather than their caloric or fat content. Here is a list of popular foods and their
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These characteristics are found in food and herbs and influence the body's reception When you add exercises (Tai Chi & Qi Qong) that wake up the natural
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Garcinia Chi combines herbs which promote efficient metabolism, People who are slender often use up to 40% of their food for immediate energy; whereas,
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Many of us these days are aware of calorific content and nutrition when we prepare our food , but how many of us stop to consider the quality of chi energy
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