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by GD Thompson - 1998 - Cited by 137 - Related articlesSelected Characteristics of Studies of Organic Products . Survey. Sample. Year. Organic Products . Geographic Scope National . Poll attitudes and willing- Telephone. 1000 ness to pay ..... Huang, C.L. "Consumer Preferences and Atti-
Poll Reveals Americans Want GMO Labels, Strong Organic Standards
"But if I buy a tin of organic tomatoes from Italy at least I'm sending a message to the supermarket that I like organic food . Hopefully that will make Buying local is always and should be first preference . POLL . Q: Will farmers be better off if agriculture is included in a carbon emissions trading system?
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8 Jun 2009 My Recipes · My Tracking · My Preferences .... More people are growing their own organic foods , and in small space in containers. Polls and Quizzes (38) the Food and Nutrition Information Center, and the National
USDA's deputy secretary discusses challenges for organic food
2 Jan 2009 The reality: Despite Americans' concerns, the National Organic Standards Board passed a 66 percent of Americans want the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to inspect Email Preference . HTML Email, Text Email
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3 May 2010 The organization's 2010 National Barbecue Month poll revealed that flavor preferences and grilling styles vary widely among consumers,
Consumer Demand for Organic Foods : What We Know and What We Need
Organic food . Local versus national sales. Increase from 2004 Chicago's 25 Best Pizzas: The list, photo gallery, and poll !
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9 Jun 2010 Highgrove sells organic food and lifestyle products, which take their News Poll . Will you vote for Labor under Julia Gillard in the Federal election? Breaking · WA News · National · World · Off Beat The West News Preferences . Close. Select your state to see news for your area.
Ronnie Cummins: How Industry Giants are Undermining the Organic
Whole Foods Market is a food retailer of "natural" and organic products , market leader, with recognition as the first nationally certified organic grocer in 2003. Responsibility in a Fortune poll on “America's Most Admired Companies. their preferences towards healthy, natural, and organic food products.
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewby P Honkanen - 2006 - Cited by 16 - Related articlesThe role of ethical motives in consumers' choice of organic food was investigated. A self-administered questionnaire was ..... though opinion polls show that the majority of genetically modified foods—results of a cross- national survey. .... In Measurement of Food Preferences , Macfie. HJH, Thomson DMH (eds).
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A December 2006 poll by the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology found that Jim Riddle, former chair of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB),
Prince to open organic produce shop - The West Australian
27 Jan 2010 And he makes much of the WARWR telephone poll conducted specifically for this and censured (by the National Council on Public Polls ) for the That in recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of organic food ? American public than with the ideological preferences of the author.
Most All Americans Enjoy Outdoor Grilling: Poll
6 Apr 2010 I think a lot of people think it is the white-tablecloth yuppies, the foodies who buy organic. . . . But organic foods can be found at
Potato Tops Poll To Be UK'S National Vegetable
In a national poll last February 54% of American consumers told industry pollsters that their preference was for organic production.
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15 Dec 2009 e- poll . Google has hinted that it may launch its own mobile The store is the latest outlet catering to the growing preference among Middle Eastern The trend towards organic food in the region is still in its
Growing demand for organic foods being fed by imports
A Gallup poll revealed that most Americans support the better treatment of .... In Situ Measurement of Habitat Preference ,” Animal Behaviour 66 (2003): 151-60. 20) Food Safety and Inspection Service. 21) National Pork Board “Swine