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Because sleep disorders have a variety of causes and symptoms, medications to treat them are just as varied.
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28 Jan 2008 Some foods contribute to restful sleep ; other foods keep you awake. Foods that help you sleep are tryptophan-containing foods .
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A healthy diet is important for a good night's sleep . Some foods help the body relax and encourage sleep . By making sure there are enough of the ' sleep
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5 Foods that Prevent Sleep . Learn the five foods that often prevent sleep , and why they prevent a good night's sleep .
The foods you eat, or don't eat, can help you get a good night's sleep . Learn how cutting back on caffeine and choosing healthy foods can improve your
Food : An Alternative to Drug Induced Sleep
1 Mar 2010 Only now are Americans waking up to the fact that an estimated 75% of our processed foods contain some form of genetically modified (GM)
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Food and Sleep . Sleep Topics · Hot Topics. Have you ever wondered why some foods make you feel sleepy while others give you a lift?
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These 8 sleep -better foods and drinks have been shown to induce feel-good relaxation chemicals, calming your nerves and slowing your racing brain.
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15 Apr 2010 This explains why dairy products, which contain both tryptophan and calcium, are one of the top sleep -inducing foods .
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19 Mar 2007 March is National Nutrition Month, which means it's a good time to talk about food you should be eating to help promote good sleep .
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A light snack before bed can help promote sleep . When you pair tryptophan- containing foods with carbohydrates, it helps calms the brain and allows you to
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Foods that help you sleep — Find out if certain foods help you sleep better.
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As in everything else, our diet eat can affect how well we sleep . While some food tend to induce sleep and others will make it more difficult to sleep .
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11 Mar 2010 Since I've become a mom, it's a challenge for me to get enough sleep . It's become harder for me to fall asleep because I'm thinking about
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How to Use Foods to Improve Sleep . Sleep problems effect one out of 10 adults in the US. Not being able to sleep is troublesome and can interfere with the