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26 Feb 2010 I shop at Walmart and Whole Foods , though WF is a 3 hour round trip ..... box of breakfast cereal I could purchase at Walmart for only $3,
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29 Mar 2010 I have never considered buying groceries at Wal - Mart , and in fact I avoid buying But if Wal - Mart and Whole Foods are your only options,
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16 posts - 1 author - Last post: 28 MarThe story is about how Wal - Mart is buying more produce from local Is it bad if Wal - Mart puts its Borg-like business model to work buying local fresh Threasher: whole foods treatment of their workers isn't supurb
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1 Mar 2010 Whole Foods . In purchasing ingredients for the showdown, Both Whole Foods and Walmart are set to increase their Canadian presence.
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As Common Dreams says, " Whole Foods matches Wal - Mart in its reputation for Signs at Whole Foods Market say, "Help the Small Farmer -- Buying organic
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31 May 2009 4 Responses to “BromaCleanse at GNC, Whole Foods , CVS, Wal Mart ” part of an auto-ship program that will enroll you once you purchase .
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Purchasing Acai Berry Products. While many of the products are available online but more recently, Whole Foods , Wal - Mart , and Walgreens have started
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23 Jul 2009 Are IKEA, Outlet Malls, Wal - Mart , and Whole Foods Really Bargains? .... make that purchase , often that purchase will last and last and last.
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14 Apr 2010 Full-time employees may purchase shares of Whole Foods stock at a discount In an email message to Minyanville, Walmart spokeswoman Linda
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The purchase for a reported $100 million or so is the latest evidence that the .... ok, about to head out to whole foods and wal - mart . those pretty much
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6 May 2010 Some day we're going to realize what our buying habits have done to 3rd ..... Walmart is not on the Pro-life boycott list, Whole Foods is.
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Whole Foods Market Makes Largest Ever Purchase of Wind Energy Credits in John Mackey's Wal - Mart for the granola crowd, The Economist, July 28, 2005.
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7 May 2010 Wal - Mart is an Inside Value choice. Whole Foods Market is a Stock .... The foot traffic is there, people are buying up the organic stuff
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Taste test: Wal - Mart vs. Whole Foods produce ( ..... as well and therefore get Wal - Mart's highish-end goods there since they're buying their
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25 Mar 2010 If Walmart is “shopping” at the same place as Whole Foods for your food then But buying local food is often harder than buying organic.