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We suggest you visit our Bad Breath, Foot Odor and Sweaty Hands sections for in- depth discussions of some of the causes and remedies .
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10 May 2010 Natural Foot Odor Remedies . The cause of foot odor is simple: excessive perspiration creates a moist environment where odor-causing bacteria
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Luckily though, there are a few remedies you can do at home to help minimize and sometimes even completely remove foot odor .
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Learn about home remedies to battle foot odor , which is caused by bacteria that find your feet, socks, and shoes a good place to breed.
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Foot odor is always unpleasant, no matter your age or gender. Here are some tried and true natural remedies for treating it.
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15 May 2010 Sweat itself is basically tranquil of salt and water. Believe-it-or-not, it doesn't really smell but, when your feet sweat, the warm,
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Try these foot odor remedies that you can apply at home using household ingredients.
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If possible wear open foot wear like leather sandals. All the above mentioned remedies for body odor can be used for preventing foot odor
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19 Apr 2010 Although there are foot odor remedies to stop your feet from sweating that I'll list in a moment, your first line of defense against foot
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9 Oct 2009 Pitted Keratolysis Treatment: Remedy Foot Odor ., Dr.Hanish Babu, MD Pitted Keratolysis Treatment: Remedy Foot Odor .
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11 Apr 2010 Timeless moments that would have otherwise been beautiful, romantic, fun, and so forth have been ultimately RUINED by foot odor .
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Foot odor comes from bacteria which produces acid that causes the odor . Treat your odor with home remedies for foot odor from baking soda, vinegar and more.
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19 Aug 2009 Undoubtedly, you are embarrassed by your smelly feet. Foot odor , however, is not a health hazard.
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Does your family cry when you take off your shoes after a hard work? If they do then you are like so many people, your feet do not smell very well after